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Aircraft Co-Pilot/Pilot


Newburgh, NY, US New Windsor, NY, US New York, NY, US Manhattan, NY, US

Requisition ID: 164926 

Job Level: Mid Level 

Home District/Group: DHO Midwest Aviation 

Department: Aircraft 

Market: Corporate Home Office 

Employment Type: Full Time 

Position Overview

Come Fly With Us!  Kiewit owns, operates and maintains a fleet of 9 aircraft which includes 8 Learjet 70/75's and 1 Challenger 300 to support travel for Executives, Key members of our staff and customers.  We are hiring either a Co-pilot or Pilot-In-Command (PIC) (Captain), depending on qualifications, to join our team to support travel around North America (US, Canada and Mexico).  Our Co-pilots/Pilots fly according to a weekly schedule and on the average, fly 3 days/2 nights each week, depending on travel demand. 


As a Co-Pilot, you will assist the Pilot-In-Command (PIC) in the management of the flight and flying the aircraft in accordance with the directions of the PIC. The Co-Pilot may carry out take-offs and landings under the authority of the PIC and shall take over control in the event of PIC incapacitation.  If you are qualified as the Pilot-In-Command (PIC), you will have exclusive and final authority as to whether or not the aircraft shall proceed to any destination, or undertake any flight.  The PIC has final authority on all decisions relating to the operation of the aircraft.  The PIC shall not be overruled by any passenger or executive, no disciplined for his decisions having to do with weather, mechanical condition of the aircraft or other hazards.  

At Kiewit, the scale of our operations is huge. Our construction and engineering projects span across the United States, Canada and Mexico, improving and connecting communities with every initiative.  We depend on our conscientious, high-performing pilots to adhere to flight schedules and ensure all passengers meet their destination safely and on schedule.  We hire only the most driven people and we offer them diverse career opportunities, strong leadership and mentorship, rewarding, collaborative work, and responsibility they won’t find just anywhere. We’re always pushing new limits. You can too. 

District Overview

Midwest Aviation is Kiewit’s own private flight division.  Operating out of a private hangar on Omaha’s Eppley International Airport, Midwest Aviation also maintains bases in both Conroe, TX and Newburgh NY.     


This Co-Pilot OR Pilot-In-Command (Captain) will be piloting aircraft, based out of New York Stewart International Airport (KSWF) in New Windsor NY, supporting Executive and client travel around North America.   


As a Co-Pilot, your specific duties include, but are not limited to:

•    Performs preflight interior/exterior inspections
•    Checks aircraft stock and supplies
•    Assists maintenance or PIC with A/C pull out 
•    Monitors fueling 
•    Ensures aircraft’s iPad is properly charged and updated to include: JepView, ForeFlight, and WebManuals
•    Briefs PIC when all items are completed and informs PIC on any concerns discovered while performing his/her duties
•    Performs cockpit preflight and powers up the A/C
•    Completes all checklist items up to engine start checklist
•    Obtains ATIS/clearance/A/C performance numbers
•    Ensures iPad is configured with charts germane to upcoming departure
•    Ensure all navigation equipment is properly set for departures
•    Cleans A/C interior while on trips
•    Secures aircraft while away from home base


If hired as a Pilot-In-Command (Captain):


The Pilot-In-Command exercises primary responsibility for the initiation, continuation, diversion, and termination of all flights in compliance with the provisions of applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and this Flight Operations Manual. However, the Pilot-In-Command, Chief Pilot, Aviation Manager or the Learjet Fleet Manager can decide to delay or to divert any flight which cannot operate or proceed safely in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Federal Air Regulations (FARs) and this Flight Operations Manual.
The Captain (Pilot-In-Command) is required to maintain the professional competence and control of the assigned crew and aircraft in compliance with Company and government rules and regulations to ensure optimum safety, security, efficiency, and passenger comfort.
The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) is accountable for the safe conduct of assigned flights. Specific duties include:
•    Checking weather, all applicable NOTAMs where available, and determining fuel, oil and oxygen requirements; 
•    Determining the aircraft weight and balance; 
•    Ensuring that all flight planning requirements have been met; 
•    Ensuring that aircraft crew members have valid licenses, medical certificates, passports and visas if and when required; 
•    Completing an aircraft pre-flight inspection before each departure; 
•    Briefing the passengers in accordance with the requirements specified in our Standard Operating Procedures 
•    Operating the aircraft in accordance with operator procedures and aircraft limitations;
•    Ensuring compliance with customs, immigration and cabotage laws; 
•    Updating Maintenance with arrival times when intended landings are at US bases;
•    Completing all post flight duties, including notification to the company of any deviation from the planned itinerary or overnight location; 
•    Recording flight times and aircraft discrepancies; 
•    Sharing knowledge with SIC, coaching; and any other duties assigned by their manager



A Co-Pilot (Second-in-Command) candidate must possess the following qualifications:


  • Meets all FAA requirements to serve as Second-in-Command
  • FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate in the category aircraft with English Proficiency Endorsement
  • Minimum of 1,000 hours total flight time 
  • Minimum of 500 hours pilot-in-command
  • Minimum of 100 hours multi-engine time
  • Valid Aeronautical radio telephone license
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a 1st Class FAA Medical Certificate



To be Considered as Pilot-In-Command (Captain), candidate must possess the following qualifications:


  • Meets all FAA requirements to serve as Pilot-In-Command. 
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with English Proficiency Endorsement in that category aircraft. 
  • Minimum of 2,500 hours flight time.
  • Minimum of 500 hours in multi-engine. 
  • Minimum of 1,000 hours pilot-in-command experience 
  • Minimum of 500 hours in aircraft type to be flown. 
  • Meet all currency requirements regarding instrument flight time and night landings prior to flying any required trips. 
  • Be able to pass an instrument competency check in the category of aircraft to be flown. 
  • 2 years previous experience operating business or airline flying
  • Valid Aeronautical radio telephone license
  • First Class FAA Medical Certificate (renewed annually/semi-annually if Int’l qualified)


Other Requirements:
•    Regular, reliable attendance
•    Work productively and meet deadlines timely
•    Communicate and interact effectively and professionally with supervisors, employees, and others individually or in a team environment
•    Perform work safely and effectively. Understand and follow oral and written instructions, including warning signs, equipment use, and other policies.
•    Work during normal operating hours to organize and complete work within given deadlines. Work overtime and weekends as required.

Base Compensation: $95,000 - $175,000 
(Actual compensation is subject to variation due to such factors as education, experience, skillset, and/or location)

We offer our fulltime staff employees a comprehensive benefits package that’s among the best in our industry, including top-tier medical, dental and vision plans covering eligible employees and dependents, voluntary wellness and employee assistance programs, life insurance, disability, retirement plans with matching, and generous paid time off.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

There’s no limit to what you’ll do at Kiewit. Whether you’re building or supporting projects that provide communities with dependable energy, safe transportation, clean water, or access to health care, the work you do will positively impact people’s lives for generations to come. 

Here you’ll have endless opportunities to expand your expertise through on-the-job experience and internal and external training and development opportunities. 

We offer our full-time staff employees a comprehensive benefits package that’s among the best in our industry. From top-tier health care programs to employee assistance programs and retirement planning, we aim to provide you with the tools you need to be successful in the areas of life that matter most to you.

Kiewit is an equal-opportunity employer, and we believe a diverse workforce is vital to the success of our business. We continue our efforts to attract, develop and retain employees from all backgrounds who are passionate about our industry.  

We are committed to veteran and military hiring and will consider relevant military experience as equivalent to qualification requirements.

Job Segment: Compliance, Engineer, Inspector, Legal, Engineering, Quality