Full-time Staff Benefits

Kiewit employees dedicate themselves to their craft. Our work requires a lot of us, but the lasting pride we feel when a project is complete makes it all worth it.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package that’s among the best in our industry, because it’s the right thing to do for the people who commit so much to our company. They’re the reason for Kiewit’s sustained success. We believe employees should be able to provide for themselves and their families, and gain peace of mind that comes with being able to do so. Offering our employees great benefits is the right thing to do for our organization and the clients and communities we serve. With less to worry about personally, Kiewit staff and craft can come to work with the clarity and focus to take on new and exciting challenges and opportunities.

For craft employee benefits, please refer to the craft page.


Kiewit employees have access to the best health care available, including medical, dental and vision insurance with top tier in-network providers. In Canada, we offer a wellness program and extended health plan (pharmacy, dental and vision) to supplement employees’ provincial coverage.


To help employees prepare for their future, we offer a 401(k) plan in the U.S. and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) in Canada. Eligible employees receive 100 percent match of their contributions up to 6 percent of their weekly base pay. Based on company performance, we also have the discretion to make an additional bonus contribution of up to 4 percent of an employee’s base pay annually. More than 85 percent of our eligible salaried employees take advantage of these retirement plans.


Kiewit employees have access to a paid time off (PTO) program that allows for time and flexibility to take care of personal and family needs, and gain the rest and relaxation we all need and deserve. Beginning on the first day of work, our employees typically begin building four weeks of annual time off. At five years of service, they receive five weeks of PTO, and at 15 years, they’re eligible for six weeks of PTO.


Kiewit spends an average of $7,500 per employee each year on training and career development, well above the national average across all industries. The company also reimburses employees up to $5,250 per year in outside tuition costs with an approved program of study and satisfactory performance.


Kiewit is one of the largest privately held, employee-owned firms in North America. We cherish our reputation as a true meritocracy. Employees who stand out as the best of the best are individually reviewed and approved by our CEO and senior leadership for employee ownership opportunities.


Along with its competitive compensation and health benefits packages, Kiewit offers a variety of support services for families dealing with everyday challenges and more serious problems. We provide our employees with disability coverage and other income protection plans, along with access to free and discounted third-party service providers to help manage complicated health and financial issues.